Thursday, October 21, 2010

Multi-Cultural Night was a blast!  We have many books on different cultures around the world like the ones shown below.  Check them out! 
The camel that visited Allen was a huge hit!  Mrs. Bowden compiled a list of interesting facts about camels by reading the following book:

1.  Camels can go without a drink of water for several weeks.
2.  Most camels are kept as domestic animals.  There are very few wild camels.
3.  Camels come with one or two humps.
4.  When a camel does drink, it can consume about thirty gallons of water in ten minutes.  That's the same as drinking five hundred glasses of water!
5.  The cultures that depend on camels use every part of the camel to sustain life:
     a.  Camel milk
     b.  Camel meat
     c.  Camel's fat is turned into butter.
     d.  Camel wool can be woven into cloth.
     e.  The skin provides leather for various items. 
6.  Camel urine can kill head lice!
7.  Camels are often referred to as "ships of the dessert", because in some countries they are the main source of transportation for not only people but goods as well. 
8.  Male camels are called bulls and female camels are called cows.
9.  If a camel's ears are pressed back against its head it usually means that they are upset. 
10.Camels are herd animals, and they travel in packs.  They won't wander off on their own. 

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