Monday, October 25, 2010

We're having a roaring good time in the library this week as we read about monsters!  Check out some of these favorites:

After Sammy's dumping of the lima beans he does not want to eat, he starts a neighborhood trend to put rejected vegetables in a hole in a vacant lot, and a terrible lima bean monster rises to terrorize the neighborhood.  E YAC

Rhyming text describes a mother guiding her young monster through bedtime preparations, such as howling at the moon, snacking on worm juice and beetle bread, and choosing a bedtime story.  E KET

A young monster describes all the things its mother does to show she loves it.  E LEU

A monster offers to help a boy who is afraid of numbers do his math homework, but the first time the boy is asked to solve a problem in class and cannot, he realizes he has gotten no bargain.  E SCH

As Mr. and Mrs. Monster's three eggs begin to hatch, they happily welcome the first two ugly little monsters to come out, but are shocked and disappointed when they see what pops out of their last egg.  E MCA

When Gabe, the monster that lives under Ethan's bed, goes on vacation, Ethan finds that the substitute monsters Gabe has sent just won't do, and wonders how he will ever fall asleep.  E NOL

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