Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When his parents surprise Jason with a family vacation to California, he is totally excited. Not only will he get to fly, he’ll have a chance to try out for Masquerade Mania! That’s before he learns that they will be camping cross-country in a sardine can (at least that’s what the contraption looks like). Jason’s willing to do just about anything to get a chance to be on Mania. But isn’t wearing pink underwear, enduring the stares of fellow campers, and putting up with his pain-in-the-neck sister above and beyond the call of duty? F ROB (review taken from

Since the main character in this story hoped to get on his favorite game show, I plan to introduce this lesson with the students by hosting a game show of our own. Every game show needs a buzzer, so I'm going to ask the music teacher if I can borrow two different hand held musical instruments. After asking a trivia question of the two participants at the front of the room, the first one who rings his buzzer will get to go first. The characters in the book are Texans, so I'll probably start off the game by asking questions about Texas...What is our state flower?, What is the capital of Texas?, etc.

This is a story that your kiddos will surely enjoy!

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