Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you ready for summer? This week in the library, we'll be discussing and dreaming about some of the fun summer activities that are in store for us in a few short weeks.

Camping is great family fun, and I'll show the K-2 graders a non-fiction book that will help them prepare and enjoy a camping trip. I'll then read Froggy Goes to Camp. For this story, kids will come into a dark library and sit in a circle campfire style. I'll read the story with a flashlight. A couple other props will be used, too: a feather duster to tickle the kids when Froggy is being tickled in the story AND a squirt gun to start a little one-sided squirt gun fight. Froggy loved that activity, and I bet the kids will, too!

Look out, Camp Run-A-Muck! Here comes Froggy. . . .

Froggy's off to camp—and Camp Run-A-Muck will never be the same!

Froggy packs a lot into one week: hikes and archery lessons, K.P. and food fights, scary stories and funny songs around the campfire. But only Froggy could also manage to lose his trunks during swim class and overturn his kayak with the camp director in it. Lovable, bumbling Froggy will keep his many fans laughing with his latest antics. E LON
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