Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It seems that children aren't familiar with the old fairy tales that I enjoyed as a young girl. I still remember sitting beside my grandmother's large green record player listening to tales like Peter Rabbit. When Farmer MacGregor would storm after the rabbits nibbling in his garden, the combination of the scratchy record and the impending doom for those cute little rabbits was more than I could bear. I was filled with not only fear but delight and learned some valuable life lessons, too.

Characteristics of Fairy Tales:
*begin with once upon a time
*the number three appears often
*usually have good, evil, and sometimes royal characters
*good wins over evil
*repetition is used often
*they end with "happily ever after"

I've recently read two wonderful fairy tales books that kids would really like. They'll only really "get them", though, if they have some prior knowledge of the fairy tales highlighted in the books.

Best-selling author Esme Raji Codell takes readers through a very different version of some beloved fairy-tales in Fairly Fairy Tales.

Brooklyn schoolteacher Adam Gidwitz offers imaginative new slants on children's classics in this new collection inspired by nine Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Never before have Hansel and Gretel had an adventure like this!
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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale." by Hans Christian Andersen

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