Friday, May 6, 2011

Teachers, before you crank out those "required" reading lists for your students for the summer, you'll want to read My Life as a Book. It's a great reminder of what Donaly Miller has written in The Book Whisperer. Kids should have the freedom to read what they want to read. My Life as a Book is a wonderful read aloud about a boy named Derek who is a reluctant reader. Our Allen 3rd-5th graders have enjoyed listening to it this week especially due to its similarity in style to A Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Summer’s finally here, and Derek Fallon is looking forward to pelting the UPS truck with water balloons, climbing onto the garage roof, and conducting silly investigations. But when his parents decide to send him to Learning Camp, Derek’s dreams of fun come to an end. Ever since he’s been labeled a "reluctant reader,” his mom has pushed him to read "real” books" something other than his beloved Calvin & Hobbes.

As Derek forges unexpected friendships and uncovers a family secret involving himself (in diapers! no less), he realizes that adventures and surprises are around the corner, complete with curve balls. F TAS
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