Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This week, we're kicking off the Bluebonnet Program in the Allen Library by reading from the popular book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  You've seen Star Wars, right?  You know the strange green little fellow that talks funny in the movie?  He makes an appearance as a finger puppet in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  He was designed by an odd boy named Dwight who carries him around on his finger all the time.  The wild thing is that Origami Yoda gives some really good advice!  Do you think Origami Yoda is real or just a hoax?  That's what the students at McQuarrie Middle School are trying to determine.  Read this you must!  (Did you say that in your best Yoda voice?) 

To find out more about The Bluebonnet Program, click on the Bluebonnet tab at the top of this page.

Drawn by talented artist and librarian aide Amber Bowden.

In this funny, uncannily wise portrait of the dynamics of a sixth-grade class and of the greatness that sometimes comes in unlikely packages, Dwight, a loser, talks to his classmates via an origami finger puppet of Yoda. If that weren’t strange enough, the puppet is uncannily wise and prescient. Origami Yoda predicts the date of a pop quiz, guesses who stole the classroom Shakespeare bust, and saves a classmate from popularity-crushing embarrassment with some well-timed advice. Dwight’s classmate Tommy wonders how Yoda can be so smart when Dwight himself is so clueless. With contributions from his puzzled classmates, he assembles the case file that forms this novel.

Did you know that you can find instructions to make your own origami Yoda in the back of the book?  Or you can follow along with the video below. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I loved hearing the oohhs and ahhs of delight as Mrs. Smith's kindergarten class came into the reading area of the library for the very first time.  They were such good listeners and enjoyed holding our Webkinz stuffed animals while listening to the story Kindergarten Rocks.

Dexter already knows everything there is to know about kindergarten. His big sister, Jessie, told him all about it. So Dexter is not scared. Not even a little bit. But his stuffed dog, Rufus, is scared. Actually, he’s terrified. But Dexter—er, Rufus—has nothing to fear: As he’ll soon find out, kindergarten rocks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Amelia Bedelia is certainly excited about the first day of school.  She knows she'll love everything about it.  *New Friends
*A New Teacher
*Her Own Desk
*Music, Books, Gym, Art
*Recess and Lunch

Amelia can't wait.  What could be better?  School!  School!  Hooray for School! 

In the library this week, we'll talk about the silly things Amelia did at school and what she really should have done instead.  Like the time that Amelia Bedelia actually glued herself to her seat when the teacher told her to.  I bet our Allen freinds will know that what the teacher really meant for her to do was to stay seated.  Silly Amelia! 

I'm excited to see all of our eager readers in the library on the first day of school.  I hope you're excited, too! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look at that Morgan...reading from the 2x2 List!! How many 2x2 books have you read this summer? Morgan is shown enjoying the popular book 1+1=5. What??? Does that make sense? You'll have to read the book to find out!

How much is 1+1? Think the answer is 2? Not always, as this playful approach to addition proves! David LaRochelle takes children on a joyful mathematical journey that will engage their minds and teach them to think about numbers in a creative, outside-the-box way. Brenda Sexton's wild and wacky illustrations add layers of witty fun to LaRochelle's clever game.

These wacky equations don't add up…or DO THEY?
1 goat + 1 unicorn = 3 horns!
1 set of triplets + 1 set of twins = 5 babies!
1 duet + 1 quartet = 6 musicians!
1 ant + 1 spider = 14 legs!
1 century + 1 decade = 110 years!