Monday, September 12, 2011

Author Kate Klise will be visiting our school on Wednesday, November 2nd.  Ms. Klise writes books with her sister Sarah who illustrates the titles.  Their books should be familiar to our students.  Dying to Meet You was a popular Bluebonnet title last year.  Grounded flew off the shelves after the older kids were introduced to it during a book talk.  We are looking forward to Ms. Klise's visit where she will introduce the writing process and teach us more about her awesome books. 

This week in the library, Mrs. Hobbie is reading Stand Straight, Ella Kate.  It's a historical fiction book that tells the story of a woman named Ella Kate Ewing who had a condition known as gigantism.  She grew to be over eight feet tall!

Ella Kate Ewing was born in 1872. She started out small, but she just kept on growing. Soon she was too tall for her desk at school, too tall for her bed at home, too tall to fit anywhere. Ella Kate was a real-life giant, but she refused to hide herself away. Instead, she used her unusual height to achieve her equally large dreams.
The masterful Klise sisters deliver a touching and inspiring true story about a strong-minded girl who finally embraced her differences. It's the perfect book for every child who has ever felt like an outsider.

Here are some pictures of the real Ella Kate.

Students at Allen will have the opportunity to purchase autographed copies of Kate Klise's books.  If interested, please fill out the order form below and return it to the library by October 6th. 

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