Monday, September 26, 2011

Second graders are enjoying the book Chewy Louie in the library this week during rotation time.  The story is about a rambunctios puppy who chews on EVERYTHING!  I shared these puppy chewing facts with the kids before we started reading...

Puppies lose their baby teeth (milk teeth) between the age of 4-6 months.  After their milk teeth fall out, their adult teeth immeditately take their place.

Puppies chew on things to help their gums feel better just like human babies do.

Puppies usually swallow their baby teeth when they fall out.

Dogs should have their teeth cleaned once a year just like their owners. 

Puppies do not have a tooth fairy.  (This tidbit came from the kids.)

After reading the story, we spoke about the elements of a story.  (Character, Setting, Events, Problem, and Solution.)  The students completed a librarian made worksheet to recall the things that happened in Chewy Louie.

Chewy Louie is a doggone cute story! 

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