Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This week in the library, we're learning about Martin Luther King, Jr....a man who loved to use big words.  Kindergarten through second grade students said that they also like learning big words to share with their families, because it makes them feel smart.  Here are some of the big words they'll be applying this week:  biography, boycott, equal, unfair, speech. 

We're reading this title in the library this week.  It's a brief biography that highlights some important events in the life of the man who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent support of civil rights.

After hearing this biography, second graders are making a book of facts about Marting Luther King Jr. for their classroom.  The pattern for this activity was purchased at http://littlegiraffes.com/martinlutherking.html 

Learning about Martin Luther King Jr, is enlightening! 

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