Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you were to give advice to a younger kid who'd never ridden the school bus before, what would you tell them?  That's exactly what I asked our third through fifth graders before I read this awesome book. 

Kyle is dreading his first trip aboard the school bus. Luckily, his big brother, James, is a school bus expert. James gives Kyle ten rules for riding the bus that he absolutely, positively must obey if he wants to avoid getting laughed at or yelled at, pushed around, or even pounded. During his fateful ride, Kyle grapples with each unbreakable rule. Along the way, he discovers that the school bus isnt so bad, and he may even have a thing or two to teach his brother.  (review taken from

I almost didn't read this to the fifth graders but was so glad that I did.  Guess who laughed the loudest?  :)

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