Thursday, November 29, 2012

Author David Shannon

This week in the library, we've been highligting one of my favorite authors...David Shannon.  Did you know that he wrote and illustrated his first book when he was just five years old?  There were only two words in this book, No David, because those were the only two words that he knew how to write at that time.  He drew a picture of something he wasn't supposed to do, and then wrote the words No David at the bottom of the page.  He then drew another picture of something he wasn't supposed to be doing and wrote No David at the bottom of that page, too.  He continued with this format for the rest of the book.  When he became an adult, his grandmother showed him the No David book she'd saved for him, I bet you can guess which book it became! 

Our kindergarteners are about five years old... the same age David Shannon was when he wrote his first book.  I asked them to write a word that they knew how to spell on our white board.  I think you'll be impressed with all the words our kindergarteners know!

Our students enjoy all of the "David" books that Mr. Shannon has written.  Did you know that David Gets in Trouble is #3 in our Top Ten Favorites that are checked out at Allen? 

I have a lot more to write about David Shannon, so please check back to learn about the other books we read by this great author! 

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