Monday, October 14, 2013

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe-Bluebonnet Book

Eleven-year-old Frankie Joe Huckaby, forced to live with the father he never knew, a stepmother, and four stepbrothers in Illinois, starts a delivery service to finance his escape back to his mother in Texas, not realizing he is making a better life for himself than he ever had with her.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Three Ninja Pigs-2x2 Book

Practice makes perfect in this fractured fairy tale.

Why does this wolf think he can come to town and blow all the houses down?  These three little pigs just aren't going to take it from that bully anymore!  The first starts aikido lessons--he'll make mincemeat out of that wolf!  His brother learns a little jujitsu--he'll chop that guy to pieces! 

But when the wolf actually appears, it turns out these two pigs aren't quite ready after all.  Good thing their sister has been training every day to master some serious karate moves and saves the day.  KIYA!

Corey Rosen Schwartz serves up a fun combination of smart-aleck dialogue and tonue-in-cheek rhymes that'll have kids howling, and rising start Dan Santat's spunky illustrations are sure to pack a punch! 
(review taken from

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Ghetto Cowboy-A Bluebonnet Book

Cole has been skipping school so much that he might have to repeat seventh grade. His fed-up mom drives him from Detroit to North Philadelphia to live with the father he's never met. Feeling abandoned, Cole at first struggles to get along with his father. But eventually his dad's vocation as a horse-whispering cowboy-he runs a stable in the inner city, which is a safe haven for local kids-gives them a chance to connect. Cole learns the history of black horsemen and how to live the "Cowboy Way," befriending a horse of his own and joining a fight to save the stable when it's threatened by the city. This well-written book is based on a true story of urban cowboys in Philadelphia and New York. Cole's spot-on emotional insight is conveyed through believable dialogue and the well-paced plot offers information about a little-known aspect of African-American history as well as a portrait of contemporary urban stable life. Watson's illustrations punctuate the intriguing aspects of the story and make the novel more appealing.  (Review taken from SLJ.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

The New Bear at School


It's hard enough being the new kid at school, but when you're a big bear like Boris, it's even worse! Poor Boris tries his best to be gentle, but his sharp-toothed smile scares away his classmates. In the end, the animals find they love having Boris on their side! 

With a heartwarming story and charming illustrations, THE NEW BEAR AT SCHOOL will touch anyone who has ever felt left out.  (review taken from

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jangles a Big Fish Story by David Shannon

Bestselling storyteller David Shannon instantly hooks readers with this stunning, highly entertaining tour-de-force--his best book ever!

Breathtaking oil paintings bursting with energy pull readers along into Big Lake, the home of Jangles, the
biggest fish anyone has seen. Fishing alone at dusk, a boy feels a tug on his line and comes face-to-face with the gigantic trout--whose enormous jaw is covered with so many lures and fish hooks that he jingles and
jangles when he swims. Terrified by the sight, the boy is shocked when Jangles befriends him and takes him on an adventure to the bottom of the lake. A surprise ending will leave readers laughing and shaking their heads. Here is Shannon at his very best-in a wild and witty story that begs repeated reading.  (review taken from

I loved this book, because it allowed me to make a text to self connection.  My family has been fishing in Minnesota for many years.  My dad has often told us about the big walleye that got away about thirty years ago. We're still trying to catch that little devil!  On our trip last summer to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, only small fish seemed to be biting, but the time spent with family in that beautiful place was well worth it! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thank You, Ms. Stewart and Class!

I am one spoiled librarian!  Ms. Stewart's class adopted me this school year.  Before the holidays, they gave me the biggest card you've ever seen, a beautiful plant with all their names written on the pot, and surprises all day long.  Thank you so much, Ms. Stewart and class, for being so sweet to me!