Monday, January 12, 2015

The Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days

This book was perfect for the New Year.  It's about a girl who makes it a goal to do sixty-five nice things for others.  That's a great ambition any time of the year!

It's summertime, and thirteen-year-old Nina Ross is feeling kind of lost. Her beloved grandma died last year; her parents work all the time; her brother's busy; and her best friend is into clothes, makeup, and boys. While Nina doesn't know what "her thing" is yet, it's definitely not shopping and makeup. And it's not boys, either.
   This summer, Nina decides to change things. She hatches a plan. There are sixty-five days of summer. Every day, she'll anonymously do one small but remarkable good thing for someone in her neighborhood, and find out: does doing good actually make a difference? Along the way, she discovers that her neighborhood, and her family, are full of surprises and secrets.
   In this bighearted novel, things may not turn out exactly as Nina expects. They might be better.
 (review taken from  F HUR

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